Choose the breakfast you prefer

during your stay in the hotel, you can choose the breakfast you like, by booking it the night before, or go to one of the excellent bars in the area

Breackfast in your room (basic)​


For Italian classic breakfast lovers, every mornings Pupi Catania prepares coffee, cappuccino, croissant and many other delights. To start your day in a light way without sacrificing taste.

Complete italian Breackfast​


Like a bar: coffee, tea, cappuccino, orange juice, yogurt, fruit juices, bread, freshly baked pastry croissants, homemade cakes, traditional biscuits, fresh KM zero and organic fruit. And many seasonal specialties. Served in the panoramic master dining room.



Morning starts great with a rich international breakfast at Pupi Catania. You can choose among many sicilian traditional dishes and more. Cold cuts, cheeses, eggs.. we give you the menù, you choose your breakfast.